Refinance With JKA Partners

Exclusive to JKA Clients

Offer Extended!

This offer may have expired. Contact JKA directly to confirm availability.

How you may benefit

Possible Benefits:

1- Reduce your interest rates
2- Receive a cashback with the refinance
3- Help save money monthly
4- Secure you from rising interest rates
5- Increase your property’s valuation (you can benefit from the lender’s internal valuation system, usually providing a higher valuation than the physical valuations that usually provides a lower valuation than what your property is worth).
6- Accessing more funds by releasing equity (i.e. cash) or top up your loan, enabling you to consolidate debts or have a deposit to purchase an investment property.

Client currently has an outstanding loan amount of $300,000.00 with their existing lender, the client’s property receives an instant internal valuation amount of $500,000.00.

Therefore, at an 80% loan to value ($500,000.00) ratio, 80% of valuation amount of $500,000.00 equals $400,000.00, less your loan of $300,000.00 equals $100,000.00 equity (i.e. cash)!

You may be eligible to release equity of $100,000.00 or simply refinance your existing loan (dollar for dollar) and receive the abovementioned benefits (i.e. reduction of interests, cashback, etc).

Importantly, considering your options for refinance does not introduce any risk or compromise your existing loan. 

This is a limited offer, therefore if your friends and family would like to benefit from this, feel free to forward this link to them.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by simply emailing me direct on:

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Jack Khosh Aein
Director | JKA & Co Conveyancing