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Transferring property ownership from one party to another can be a complicated process. We’re here to lend a helping hand. 

JKA & Co are experienced conveyancers who assist with a range of issues related to property, including updating titles, subdividing land, buying and selling real estate, and registering, changing, or removing easements. 

We have offices in both Sydney and Adelaide and are registered in SA and NSW. Try us today and experience the JKA & Co difference.

6 reasons why

Fixed Fee

Our itemised quote breaks down conveyancing fees, and any out of pocket expenses you can expect. That's it - not a cent more.

100% Online

JKA & Co acts as your online conveyancer - conveyancing made easy with no physical office attendance required.

PEXA Certified

Our firm is PEXA certified in SA & NSW.

Customer Feedback

We're proud to be one of the best rated conveyancers with hundreds of five star reviews from past clients!


Our membership with AIC regularly updates our training and knowledge of new legislation, grants, policies.

Completely Insured

JKA & Co Conveyancing is completely insured in both states, to ensure you remain protected at all times.

Online Conveyancing Services

Our online conveyancing services allow you to complete property transactions via the internet – no need to interact in-person. 

Online conveyancing offers a host of advantages. Prices are lower, procedures are quicker, and you’re able to track your progress online. 

Crucially, though, the legal process is the same. We carry out local property searches, draft and exchange the contract, and arrange a completion date for the property sale.

Ultimately, you get a seamless experience that takes the hassle out of buying and selling property. No hassle; no fuss. Just professional service. Buy and sell your property without ever having to leave your home. 

Affordable Pricing

As a company, we understand that real estate transactions are already expensive. Legal bills, estate agent costs, and surveyors’ reports all cost money. 

JKA & Co., therefore, is committed to providing affordable pricing. Our rates are among the most competitive on the market. And we promise to keep them that way. When you choose us, you get responsiveness, affordability, and excellence, all at a price you can afford. 

Fixed Fees

Do you want to avoid cost bloat in your next property transaction? If so, you’ll love our fixed fee guarantee. We itemise your quote, showing you precisely what you can expect to pay, including out-of-pocket expenses. Once you get your bill that’s it – you don’t have to pay a cent more.

PEXA Certified And Fully Insured

JKA conveyancing gives you peace of mind. We offer PEXA-certified professional conveyancing services in NSW and SA. Our team engages in ongoing professional development throughout their careers, ensuring that you get the highest quality services and best property transaction advice. 

Are you concerned about protection during the property transaction process? If so, JKA conveyancing gives you peace of mind. We are fully insured in both NSW and SA, providing you with maximum protection throughout the entire process.

The team

Jack Khosh Aein

Principal and Director
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Ash Tabatabaei

Marketing Operations, Conveyancing Associate
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Venus Khosh Aein

Licensed Conveyancer
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Zara Eighani

Licensed Conveyancer
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Conveyancing Services With A Difference

Conveyancing can seem like a complicated topic, but we break it down into a language anyone can understand. Our experienced conveyancers guide you through the process step-by-step, providing meaningful explanations along the way. With our professional conveyancing services, you’ll always know where you stand. 

Remember, you must follow the legally prescribed process for transferring property ownership. JKA conveyancing provides you with all the checks, tools and legal documents you need to prevent problems from emerging in the future. 

If you want to sell property in New South Wales or South Australia, get in touch with our friendly team today. Make your next property transaction a breeze.

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