🏠 62% Auction Clearance 19th March (SA) 🏛 RBA Increases Rates by 25 Points - 7th March 🏠 42% Auction Clearance 19th March (QLD) 🏠 60% Auction Clearance 19th March (NSW) 🏠 63% Auction Clearance 19th March (VIC) ⏳ RBA Next Decision On Rates - 4th April

Offer Expires In

This offer may have expired. Contact JKA directly to confirm availability.

Refinance Your Property Loan

Free & No Obligation Home Loan Review

You will be referred directly to a home loan specialist who works within the bank, expediting the process of obtaining approval together with avoiding mistakes of a third party broker due to not being up to date with the bank’s lending policy.

How does it work?

Common Questions ABout this Process

Within 1 Business Day

Executive Lender From Bank

You Review Lender's Offer

Submit Refinance Form

Simply Fill Form To Begin Process

Why Now?

RBA Interest Rate Hikes

With a further rate increase by the Reserve Bank of Australia on 7th March 2023, mortgage repayments are expected to increase.

High cost of living

The monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicator rose 7.4 per cent in the year to January 2023, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Potential Benefits

Cash back

You may be eligible to receive cashback as a result of a refinance.

Mortage Savings

You may save hundreds to thousands per month depending on your loan amount and current rate.

Security Against Rising rates

A refinance can secure you a lower interest rate which may be lockable to secure against further rate hikes.

Access to funds

Accessing more funds by releasing equity (i.e. cash) or top up your loan, enabling you to consolidate debts or have a deposit to purchase an investment property.

Risks to Consider

No Cost + No Obligation

With our process you are not obligated to proceed or pay costs at any stage.

If our referral partners can offer you a better deal, you may simply choose take it.

Why Refinance Now?

Clients who took advantage of this offer last year have given JKA very positive feedback with lower interest rates, cashback & fast approval turnaround times. 

Given rising interest rates and costs of living, this is a critical time to review your options and find a better deal from lenders.

This is a limited offer, therefore if your friends and family would like to benefit from this, feel free to forward this link to them.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by simply emailing me direct on: jack@jkaco.com.au

Jack Khosh Aein

JKA & Co


Common Questions ABout this Process

No. JKA does not refer to any mortgage brokers. You will directly be dealing with an Executive Lender or Lending Managers to receive a fast turnaround time.

Yes. JKA will only refer you on to direct employees of Australian Financial Institutions. 

Reviewing your options through our partners is free. 

This process will not impact your credit score.

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