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Transfer of property ownership is one of the biggest transactions of your life. Retain JKA & Co, one of Adelaide’s top conveyancers for the settlement of your next property. 

Why Choose JKA & Co?

Customer Focused, Online Conveyancing

Specialising in property conveyancing services in Adelaide, SA - we assist clients with complex and simple conveyancing matters in residential and commercial sale and purchase matters. If you're seeking conveyancing services, JKA & Co can assist. Here's why we are one of South Australia's top conveyancing firms:

Award Winning Adelaide Conveyancers

JKA & Co were independently recognized as one of Adelaide's top 3 property law firms in 2022 with other awards dating back to 2018.

Three Best Rated (Property Law Firm)

” You are listed as one of the Top 3 Property lawyers in Adelaide, SA. We would like to Thank You for providing consistent high-quality service in your area of busine...

Top Featured Business!

We’re excited to have been designated as a top featured business for conveyancing in Adelaide and Sydney!

Oneflare Most Hired Conveyancer Award

JKA & Co has been the conveyancer of choice for customers across the Oneflare platform once again! We look forward to assisting many more Australians with their convey...

Oneflare Top Rated Conveyancer Award

Having been one of the original adopters of the Oneflare platform – JKA has over 110+ verified reviews, averaging 4.9 stars. This achievement was recognized by Onefla...

2019 Service Award

This year, JKA & Co has been awarded the Word of Mouth Service Award. Our team is proud to have been there for clients and will continue in striving for a better custo...

2020 Service Award

For the second consecutive year JKA & Co has been awarded the Word of Mouth Service Award. This achievement marks our continued support and dedication to our valued cu...

2021 WOM Service Award

For the third consecutive year JKA & Co has been awarded the Word of Mouth Service Award. This achievement marks our continued support and dedication to our valued cust...

Adelaide's Top Rated Conveyancing Firm with 170+ Five Star Reviews

We consistently go the extra mile for clients to ensure their conveyancing experience is seamless. JKA & Co are one of Adelaide's best rated conveyancing firms.

Michael K

Michael K left a 5 star review for JKA & Co Conveyancing

athena m

Our family has used JKA 4 on several occasions and would not consider going anywhere else. Efficient, reliable service. Jack has always looked after us. Cannot recomme...

Dylan S

Quick response, just a very easy and professional process

Rachel T

Great Conveyancing Services! Completely online and seamless, I had no issues using JKA & Co Conveyancing, the team was quick to respond and always provided detaile...


Jack made my Conveyancing experience absolutely stress free and so easy, inclusive of completing all of the hard yards via correspondence, which was fantastic as I wor...

It doesn't end there...

100% Online Conveyancing

No more physical office visits, completely online, all documents electronically signed.

Delayed Settlement? No Worries!

JKA Conveyancing won't charge for a delayed settlement. *

Funds Safely Held In Our Trust Account

Use our trust account for cash settlements, shortfall funds, and stamp duty payment.

Transparent, Itemised Quote

What you see is what you pay. Our itemised quote removes hidden charges.

PEXA Early Adopter Since 2018

We adopted PEXA before it was cool. As a result, our team have years of PEXA experience.

Environmentally Friendly

We went paperless before it was cool. We utilize PEXA, DocuSign, Smokeball and Electronic Verification of Identity. ​

Australian institute of Conveyancers (SA & NSW)

Our membership with AIC regularly updates our training and knowledge of new legislation, grants, policies.

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With more
than $395,000,000 in Seamless settlements across South Australia

You're in experienced hands.

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Common Conveyancing Questions

Questions By Adelaide, Answers For Adelaide.

is JKA affordable?

We consider our fees as fair and competitive.

Some conveyancers and law firms will try to charge an 💪+​🦵​.
Others may seem extremely cheap.

We charge what's necessary to provide an efficient, competent conveyancing service. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which locations do you service?

JKA is licensed to operate in SA and NSW. If the property is located in either state (rural or metro), we can take on your matter.

All transactions and verifications of identity (VOI) can be done remotely.

E.g. We routinely assist clients in QLD settle on properties in NSW & SA.

What's the meaning of life?

Despite all our conveyancing wisdom, we're really not sure.
But hey, as long as JKA provides a silky smooth conveyancing experience does it really matter?

At JKA Conveyancing, we know all-too-well that buying and selling properties can be stressful and confusing. Here are some common questions asked by Adelaide conveyancing clients. 

Our Conveyancing Fees start from $675 plus GST, however our fees vary on each conveyancing transaction (i.e. will you be purchasing the property by borrowing money from a lender? Or will you use your own funds)

To get started, please fill in an enquiry form. This will allow us to provide you a comprehensive conveyancing quote within 24 hours.

This custom quote will consider your unique property transaction and requirements. 

Yes, you may use a conveyancer your broker or sales agent recommended, however it is important you conduct your own research and retain an independent conveyancer, ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

Yes, you should ask your sales agent if they will be preparing the Form 1 – Vendor’s Disclosure Statement (“Form 1”) together with obtaining relevant government searches, there are times the sales agent only prepares the Form 1, once they find a purchaser, however, this is not good practice, as the purchaser’s cooling-off period will only commence once they have been served with a Form 1. We note, you should also ensure your sales agent has organised the Form 1 three clear business days prior to Auction taking place, otherwise, they are in breach of legislation.

The Form 1 – Vendor’s Disclosure Statement (“Form 1”) should be prepared once your sales agent has listed your property on the market (i.e., as a buyer may contact your sales agent at anytime from that period to provide an offer that may be the offer you, as the seller will accept and therefore it is very important you have a valid From 1 available to serve onto the purchaser immediately ensuring their cooling-off period commences at the time of execution of the Contract.

No, we conduct our business completely online and we have completed all conveyancing transactions online way before COVID-19! We understand that our clients are busy and have work commitments during business hours or at times are purchasing interstate, therefore we have multiple subscriptions ensuring we comply with the current legislation to conduct your conveyancing transaction online without any physical office attendances.

No, JKA & Co can conduct your Verification of Identity (“VOI”) remotely by sending a link to your nominated email address and or mobile number, enabling you to complete your VOI from the convenience of your home or even at work (subject to holding the relevant ID documents with you).

Have your own question? Ask Away!

We Can assist with all matters

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Conveyancing Adelaide

Are you buying or selling a property in Adelaide? 

JKA Conveyancing Adelaide specialises in property conveyancing, providing affordable, efficient services for residential and commercial clients.

Welcome to JKA & Co Conveyancing

A professional Adelaide conveyancing firm licensed and registered to operate within South Australia and New South Wales.

Buying and selling property is often expensive and stressful, but our Adelaide Conveyancers provide efficient and seamless residential conveyancing services to hundreds of clients. See our Testimonials!

Property Conveyancing Adelaide and conveyancing services you can trust

At JKA Conveyancing, we know all-too-well that buying and selling properties can be an arduous, stressful and expensive process. This is why we take on the legwork, taking care of every aspect of the transaction. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team is on hand to guide you through the process step by step.

From day one to the completion point, we’re here to take the stress out of buying or selling real estate. It’s critical to find a company you trust. With JKA Conveyancing Adelaide, you will be in the best possible hands. Whether you are buying, selling, transferring land titles or refinancing, we’ll strive to ensure the process is as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Bespoke conveyancing services in Adelaide

We have many years of experience in providing property conveyancing Adelaide (services) and, over the years we have worked with a diverse range of clients. We offer expert advice to help clients with a broad spectrum of requests and requirements, and we adopt a tailored approach.

Whether you’re at the beginning of a transaction, or you have questions about what happens when you start the conveyancing process or how you transfer a land title, our team is here to help. We cater to all clients, providing solutions for even the most complex issues. 

The best conveyancer in Adelaide

We may sound like we’re blowing our own trumpet, but we strongly believe that we are the best conveyancer in Adelaide. We have an excellent track record and we will always go the extra mile to provide exceptional property conveyancing Adelaide. We believe that we are different, and here’s why:

  •   Customer-focused services: our customers are incredibly important to us. We provide client-focused property conveyancing Adelaide (services) and conveyancing services, which recognise the unique demands and preferences of each individual. 
  •   Feedback and reviews: we are thrilled to have hundreds of glowing reviews from our customers. We always strive to ensure that every client we work with would feel confident recommending us as the best conveyancer in Adelaide to family and friends. 
  •   Convenient, seamless online solutions: we know what buying and selling properties can be stressful. It’s our mission to make life as easy as possible for you. With our online settlements and responsive customer support, it has never been simpler to complete a seamless transaction. 
  •   Affordable, competitive prices: buying and selling can be expensive enough without costly conveyancing fees. We keep our prices low, offering competitive rates for Adelaide property and conveyancing services. We have a transparent pricing policy. You will never have to worry about hidden charges with JKA Conveyancing.

Keen to learn more, call us (08) 7132 1030?

If you have any questions about property conveyancing Adelaide, or you’d like to find out more about our online conveyancing services in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can discuss your needs in more detail, provide you with a quote and give you more information about why we are the best conveyancer in Adelaide. Call us now to have a chat!